Analysis Of The Quest Of The Golden Fleece

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Baucis and Philemon married each other when they were young. The were poor, yet their happy and raised a family. Two beggars came into their valley. It was Zeus and his son, Hermes. Everything the beggars touched turned into gold. The small family soon realized that they were gods. Zeus asked Baucis if he would take over their temple. In return Zeus said he would grant a request for them. Baucis replied back that he and his wife never wanted to be separated and to die at the same time. As they went into the underworld their bodies became tree stumps. The Quest of the Golden Fleece Athamas is a Greek king that got tired of his wife so, he married another one Princess Ino. Nephele was scared of her kids. Her kid Phrixus,was killed by Ino so her son…show more content…
Since Hera was on Mount Olympus, she could see all the danger ahead. She went to talk with Aphrodite, to help Argonauts. Cupid was sent to the Colchis. Cupid was going to make the daughter of Colchian king fall in love with Jason. The Argonauts made their way to ask the king for the Golden Fleece. Princess Medea made eye contact with Jason than cupid shot her in the heart. She was amazed by Jason and ran back to the chambers. Jason asked the king, Aeetes to give him the Golden Fleece and he would do anything he would ask. The king said “You must yoke two flame-breathing bulls whose feet are made of bronze and plow with them”. Also, he has to take dragon teeth and grow them like corn seeds. Than a crop of armed men would come and he would have to defeat them all. Medea gave Jason magic ointment that made his weapons invincible for a day. Medea helped jason get the Golden Fleece by distracting the guards. Jason grabbed the Fleece and ran back to the ship. The king found out what they have done, so he sent Apsyrtus to follow the Argonauts. But than, Medea killed her brother Apsyrtus. Next they went to Crete to see a man named Talus. Talus
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