The Quest Of The Golden Fleece Summary

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Baucis and Philemon married each other when they were young. The were poor, yet their happy and raised a family. Two beggars came into their valley. It was Zeus and his son, Hermes. Everything the beggars touched turned into gold. The small family soon realized that they were gods. Zeus asked Baucis if he would take over their temple. In return Zeus said he would grant a request for them. Baucis replied back that he and his wife never wanted to be separated and to die at the same time. As they went into the underworld their bodies became tree stumps. The Quest of the Golden Fleece Athamas is a Greek king that got tired of his wife so, he married another one Princess Ino. Nephele was scared of her kids. Her kid Phrixus,was killed by Ino so her son could inherit the kingdom. The Princesses parch the corn seeds so they could not grow. The king would have to give up phrixus in order to bring back the harvest. They were just about to be sacrificed and a ram with a gold fleece took them. While they were on the ram, Helle, Phrixus sister fell off into a body of water and drowned. one of his daughters. Phrixus gave the ram to Zeus than Zeus gave the golden fleece to king Aeetes. The ram and Phrixus arrived in the country of colchis. While he was their, the king let him marry Phrixus, killed his father to than take over the kingdom. An Oracle told Pelias that he would be killed by someone with only one sandal. That was Jason. Jason, asked Pelias if he could have the kingdom

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