The Quest Of The Holy Grail Character Analysis

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Throughout The Quest of the Holy Grail, many events are attributed to ‘chance’ or ‘luck’. Further, human free will is essential to the plot and meaning. Free will is possible if events are the result of the predictable –or unpredictable interactions. As such, deliberate conduct and the ability to act at one’s own discretion. This piece of medieval history and legend attributes series of events in search of adventure, sentiment, and enlightenment, which are altered by different characters of the story by ‘chance’ or ‘luck’. According to The Quest of the Holy Grail, Perceval’s first encounter in battle symbolizes his free will. In Chapter six, “The Peregrinations of Perceval”, Perceval encounters Galahad and decides to fight him “Will you…show more content…
Lancelot is aware that he must maintain his composure and control his desires in order to see what his heart truly seeks: the Holy Grail. When he is outside the room where it is discovered, he is cautioned not to enter on the grounds that he has no privilege to. In spite of the fact that he shows himself to be loyal at first, when Lancelot sees a priest "struggling" at the sanctification of mass, he rapidly goes inside to help him. Immediately, he faces the consequences. Before Lancelot goes in, he says, “Ah! gracious Lord Jesus Christ, let not my going to help this priest, who stands in need of aid, be cause to me of hurt or of damnation.” Here, Lancelot either took a leap of faithfully conscious that he was disobeying the order he had received or he truly wanted to help the man. Perhaps it was a tiny bit of both, but the emotions and amazement he had definitely influenced his decision. If the case had been that he had died, he would have been fully responsible for it, once again going back to what Galahad and the hermit told him. In other words, this event attributed to Lancelot’s free will. As a final point, events attributed to chance or luck are followed by actions that are portrayed by characters that have a human free
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