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1) The text ’The Question of Happiness’ by Tal Ben-Shahar deals with fulfilment and happiness. When Ben-Shahar was sixteen, he was sure, he would find happiness, if he won the Israel national squash championship. He did win and for a moment he had never felt happier and more ecstatic. All of his hard training had paid off. Though he felt happy after the championship, he suddenly felt a strong burden on his shoulders when he got back home, he felt helpless. Ben-Shahar shares his thoughts on happiness and his old theory, that to maintain happiness you always have to find a new goal you can fulfil. He informs, that he became obsessed with the question on how to be truly happy. He tells, that he used to observe people who seemed happy. His conclusion to the question on how to be truly happy is, that before you can find out what makes you happy, you need to know what happiness is. 2) In the first text ‘The Question of Happiness’ by Tal Ben-Shahar the view on happiness is not completely defined. His view on happiness is that you have to learn what happiness is, before you can feel truly happy. If you do not know what happiness is, you will find yourself desperately searching for it over and over again, since the ‘so-called’ happiness won’t last. Text number two ‘Happiness’ by Michael Chrichton agrees strongly with the statement from text one,…show more content…
The third text focuses on whether or not technology makes us human beings more or less happy and compares the modern families, who use modern technology, with the Amish people. The results are, that as the technology has developed, we have grown more likely to have anxiety or depression, whereas the Amish are just as happy as the richest Americans. The text doesn’t really conclude why the results are like that, instead it asks the reader whether or not technology is holding us

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