The Quiet American War Analysis

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War is one of the main themes in “The Quiet American” and thus it is considered to be an anti-war novel. Greene describes war as hideous, terrible and full of horrors that is planned by cynical people who will do everything just to achieve their personal interests. As mentioned earlier Greene wrote the book from his own experiences and through Thomas Fowler he displays the events and incidents that he experienced during the time he was there. Fowler is a reporter who is covering the war between French armies and Communist Vietminh’s in Vietnam for more than two years. At the beginning war is not mentioned at all, there is only an introduction to the characters and Pyle’s murder. When Fowler and Phuong go to the Continental they meet there Pyle together with Bill Granger, and The Economic Attaché Joe, some of Pyle’s American friends.…show more content…
French recaptured two villages they neve told us they’d lost. Heavy Vietminh casualties. Haven’t been able to count their own yet but will let us know in a week or two.” The Attaché replies: “There’s a rumor that the Vietminh have broken into Phad Diem, burned down the Cathedral, chased out the Bishop.” (Greene, 1955, p.27).This is the first time that the theme of war is being discussed in the novel. Bill answers that the French are doing pretty good in the northwest but The Economic Attaché comments that Vietminh Communists are about to seize Phat Diem. Bill then says: “They wouldn’t tell us about that in Hanoi. That’s not a victory.” (Greene, 1955, p.27). Until now, none of them had seen the war; they only talk based on the rumors they have heard. Moreover, one understands from Bill that they are only allowed to report when the French forces win a

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