The Quinceanera Text Analysis

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Did you know that Scholastic was founded in 1920? “People Call Me Crazy” written by Gary Paulsen and “The Quinceanera Text” which was written by Erin Fanning are both fiction pieces published in a Scholastic magazine. “People Call Me Crazy” is a story about a boy named Thatcher who gets lost in the woods and has to face his fear of water. “The Quinceanera Text” is about a girl named Ana who is opening presents at her Quinceanera. “People Call Me Crazy” and “The Quinceanera Text” have similarities and differences, such as point of view and theme. One similarity between “People Call Me Crazy” and “The Quinceanera Text” is the point of view. Both stories have a first person point of view. In “People Call Me Crazy” the point of view is first person. For example, on page 16 it says, “The trail led us deeper into the woods. Minutes went by. Or was it hours? Everything looked the same.” This quote is significant because Thatcher talks about his experience getting lost in the woods as a character in the story. In the same way, “The Quinceanera Text” is told from a first person point of view. For example, on page 19 it says, “In the…show more content…
In “People Call Me Crazy” the theme is face your fears. In support of this, on page 18 it says, “Without another thought, I hurled myself into the water.” This confirms the theme because it shows that Thatcher faced his fear of water. When his friend was in danger he jumped into the river to save him. On the other hand, the theme of “The Quinceanera Text” is things aren’t always as bad as they seem. For instance, on page 20 it says, “It may not have been a cellphone but it spoke to me all the same.” This confirms the theme because Ana was disappointed that she didn’t get a cellphone. Eventually, she realizes that the recipe book she received from her grandmother was just as important to her. Therefore, these stories have two very distinct
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