The Quiz Bee Chapter Analysis

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I think that things have changed because Bryce has changed his feelings towards Juliana completely since the beginning of the story because he now likes Juli, feeling the need to defend her and her family, and feels very guilty about the things he has done to her. One point that proves that Bryce has changed his feelings towards Juli is that he now likes her. Proof of this is on pages 6 and 123. On page 6, Bryce says, “I still has enough sense at age seven and a half to know that Juli Baker was dangerous.” This shows that Bryce wanted nothing to do with Juli and he wants to avoid her. But on page 123, it says, “I found myself looking at her in class. The teacher’d be talking and all eyes would be up front...except mine. They kept wandering over to Juli. It was weird.” We can tell from this…show more content…
This is shown on pages 79 and 127. Page 79 shows Bryce saying, “ ‘...your backyard is, like, covered in turds! I mean just look at your place Juli!” He pointed at our house and said, ‘Just look at it. It’s a complete dive.’ “ Bryce saying this gives us the impression that he is criticizing Juli and her family, which is completely out of hand and ignorant for him to do. Telling someone that something that is theirs looks like a mess can create so much conflict, which is what happened, but Bryce chose to do it anyways. Page 127 shows the complete opposite. It shows Bryce telling Garrett that Juli’s uncle is retarted, and Garrett then makes fun of Juli and her family for being related to someone that has a disability. Bryce then feels himself getting angry at Garrett and feeling defensive over Juli and her family. This proves that Bryce has changed his feelings towards Juli, because in the beginning he was criticizing Juli and her family because of something small, like their yard. But now, he feels the need to actually hurt someone because they were making fun of Juli’s
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