The Race By Sharon Olds Essay

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In Sharon Olds poem, "The Race" she tells the story of how she rushed to the airport to fly home and see her dying father one last time. The poem is filled with suspense as aheraces throught the airport in order to reach the Gate that was departing in a few moments. Olds ' exssesive use of enjambments, metaphors, and personification demonstrates her sense of persistance all through the poem. Moreover she respectfully listens to the young man provide her instructions to catch another flight. As if from zero to one hundred she boosted up and ran to the next Gate. She states, "...I saw the corridor/ and then I took a deep breath, I said/ goodbye to my body, goodbye to my confort..." Olds conveyance of enjambents fits the scene because it was at that point that she began to run with all the strength her legs provided her with. The following lines…show more content…
Furthermore her breathless trip from one Gate to another that was half way around the airport she demonstrates great use of metaphors. She strives for nearly impossible of making it through the rush of the conjuncted airport, filled with people coming in and out. She compares," I who have no sense of direction/raced exactly where he 'd told me, a fish/ slipped upstream deftly against the flow of a river..." She illustrates a fish swimming, the opposite way of the flow of a river to herself trying to get through. Emphasining her attempt she gives up at no cost and after so long makes it through and spaints to her plane. Her journey to her father expresses how much love she has for him. From the momment she leaves her home packing in only five minutes and arrive to only discover that her phone departured in only ten minutes, she gave it her all and made it. Olds interprets of enjambent, allusion, and metaphors prepares the storyline of the poem. She chronoloiges her evenst well and allows the resder to fell a part of the story. To the point of feeling anxious along with the writer and desperate to
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