The Radical Feminist Theory

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Feminist Theory
This pepare use the main fundamental feminist assumbtion in organize to attention the difficality of women’s low representation in political affairs. This theory is the additional room of feminism into theoretical dialogue (Wikipedia). Radical feminism was cutting edge feminist theory from about 1967-1975. The Radical feminist theory has been developed by Clare Chambers, Andrea Dworkin and Allan Hunter (Al Hibri, 1984). Radical feminists thought women domination is more significunt to deal with, as compared to other types of domination (Jaggar and Rothenberg 1984). They concider that a society is a compound of a number of sub-groups. These subgroups are structured on the basis of natural cause or on the basis of social relations, e.g sex, caste, race, age, gender. Within each division some persons have authority over others and in this relation of domination and subordination, dominants demoralized their subordinates. Correspondingly, in patriarchal arrangement men learnt to manage the women (Lerners 1986).

Fundamental feminist, patriarchy is the main system of family in which women are exploited. It is an organizations that creates societal inequality plus promotes violence against women. Then again, some fundamental feminist such as Clare Chambers blame natural arrangement of women for their oppressions. They are consequently in search of the natural revolution in which women can change their load of imitation to men and take a lively part in creative
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