The Raft Character Analysis

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I have read one hundred thirty-seven pages of the novel The Raft by S.A. Bodeen. In this novel a girl, Robie, visits her aunt in Hawaii, and she is left alone to return home on a cargo plane. When the plane hits bad weather, it goes down. Robie is stuck in the middle of the ocean in a raft. As Robie and the only other survivor, Max, fight for their life, they run into a few complications. In this journal, I will be characterizing Robie and predicting outcomes for Robie and Starbuck, the seal. G: In this journal, Robie can be characterized as brave and smart. Y: (transition) brave R: She gets her nose pierced R: She stays at her aunt’s house alone R: She swims out to the dead body in the suit Y: (transition) smart R: She sets out…show more content…
As the text states, “And that hurts worse than getting your nose pierced?”(Bodeen 2). This quote shows that Robie is extremely brave to do something that she knows is going to hurt. Robie has the mindset that “you only live once.” Another example of Robie being brave is that she stayed at her aunt’s house alone. Robie was planning on staying at her aunt’s house for one week alone. She is brave to take on the adult role and responsibilities of living on one’s own. The last example of Robie being brave is that she swims out to the dead body in the survival suit. As the novel states, “Not brave enough to save myself. Not brave enough. Or was I?” (Bodeen 173). After giving herself a pep talk, Robie used all her bravery and swam out to the dead body to get the survival suit and beacon. Robie was brave to go get a dead body because she knew it had necessities that could help her. Secondly, Robie is smart. The first example of Robie being smart is when she set out containers in case of rain. As the text states, “Just in case of rain, I spent the next hour or so hunting for water vessels” (Bodeen163). As a result of this action, Robie is showing her…show more content…
First off a Tiger shark will eat Starbuck. The first reason why I think a Tiger shark will eat Starbuck is because the Tiger shark has eaten other animals and people so far. As the text states, “And the shark was there again, all teeth and fury. With one bite, the rest of the seal was gone” (Bodeen 161). This quote shows that the Tiger shark is an extremely vicious animal that kills numerous innocent beings. The Tiger shark has been brought up a few times already. I think that it will play a big role in the story; I think it will kill Starbuck. Another reason why I think that Starbuck will get eaten is because Starbuck has been hanging around where the Tiger shark has been. Starbuck has been relaxing in the sun and finding food by the island that the Tiger shark has been hanging around. The Tiger shark has been finding its meals in the area where Starbuck is; Starbuck has a good chance of becoming its next meal. The last reason why I think Starbuck will get eaten by the Tiger shark is that Starbuck does not know how to fend for himself. Starbuck’s mother was killed by the Tiger shark recently. He has been reliant on his mother for food and safety; he will have to learn to fend for himself. Starbuck is new at being on his own, and he is not experienced. Secondly, I predict that a plane will rescue Robie. The first reason why I think a plane will rescue Robie is that there has been other

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