Ethical Issues In The Rainmaker

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Callie Hancock
Professor Latoya Dennard
Legal and Ethical issues in HITE
July 7, 2015
The Rainmaker: Ethical Issues The movie The Rainmaker was a about Rudy Baylor, a new graduate from Law School, who has a difficult time trying to find a job. He finally get a job with Bruiser Stone, a corrupt lawyer but a successful lawyer. When he is hired as an attorney for Bruiser he meets Deck Shifflet who ultimately becomes Rudy’s Partner. Rudy begins his journey as what they called an ambulance chaser, which is where Rudy and Deck have to solicit to clients at a local hospital. One of his first assignment is helping Miss Birdie, an elderly woman, wanting to change her will. Rudy is also given a high profile case dealing with a well-known insurance
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Bruiser tells Rudy he is going to pair him up with his paralegal, Deck. Deck has never passed the Bar exam either, although he has taken it several times. Deck and Rudy begin by ambulance chasing, “lawyer who activey seeks out accident victims to encourage them to sue for damages. (“Ambulance Chaser”)” He then goes and meets with two different families, The Blacks and Miss Birdie, and allows them to sign a contract with him which he cannot do because it is not yet licensed (Practicing). He begins by telling The Black family that he can file a claim against the Great Benefits insurance and get the insurance company to pay for a bone marrow transplant that could help Mrs. Black son, Donnie Ray, who is battling Leukemia. He cannot legally enter into this because he has not been admitted to the Bar Association. Also while working on this case he becomes friends with Donnie Ray, and begins hanging out with Donnie Ray outside of working on the case. Although these are not the only decisions he made throughout the trial that were not the best decisions these were the ones that stuck out the

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