The Rainy River In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

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On the Rainy River Analysis One of the most compelling books I’ve read is The Things They Carried. This book is filled with many short stories of the Vietnam war. The Author tells the story from the perspective of the soldiers. This books shows us the sacrifice these men had to give for are freedom. The Things They Carried has many great stories by Tim O’brien, but On The Rainy River was my favorite and seemed to follow the psychological literary lens. This chapter not only showed his embarrassment but the strength behind his choice and what it meant to him, this chapter explains why he went to war. In June of 1968, Tim was drafted for the war. He was one month out of Macalester College. He couldn't believe it! You can apply the psychological lens at the beginning, when his thoughts of joining are just taking shape. He thought that he “was too good for this war, too smart, too compassionate, to everything”. Tim absolutely hates the idea and actually…show more content…
Tim “did not want people to think badly of him”, he “was ashamed”. He stared at his hands, then at canada. He then began crying and bawling. He “He would not do what he should do”, “he would not swim away from his town and life”. He was getting a better understanding of himself and his morals. He couldn't just leave his friends and family behind. He “would not be brave”. Tim could not leave his old life behind and swim to the Canadian shores because he would be to ashamed of what people would think of him and how he would think of himself. Tim said “ I would kill and maybe die- because I was too embarrassed not to”. He was not proud of his decision even though he thought that he made the right one then, years later after the war he viewed himself as a coward because he went to war. Although it was that shame that brought him into the war and why he was a
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