The Raisin In The Sun Symbolism Analysis

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In “The Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry, feelings and emotions are represented by symbols. For example when Walter and Ruth fuss about the eggs, this represents how much they love each other and how they will always have tension. One symbol that is repetitive is mama's plant . Mamas plant symbolizes the family growing, their dreams of success and her dreams of a garden. Mama wants her family to succeed and grow In life .The plants represents her family growing . The Younger family is in a tough spot, they share rooms and the youngest member of the family must sleep on the couch. They live in a small apartment and the only hope of rising from this tough situation is the check that is coming in from the grandfather's death. “ Lord, if this little old plant…show more content…
Mama wants Walter to own his own business and she wants Beneatha to finish college and be a doctor. Mam a doesn't want her kids to be chauffeur, maids or slaves. She wants the best for them and wants her family to be happy and successful.“I seen him grow thin and old before he was forty . . . working and working and working like somebody's old horse .. .killing himself. . . and you—you give it all away day—in a day -” (Raisin In The Sun). Mama doesn't want Walter nor Beneatha to work themselves to death. This is why she trusted Walter and gave him the money, so they can succeed their dreams. When Walter had given it to his friend Willy. Willy was suppose to go with Bobo to invest in the liquor store ,but Willy ran off with the money. Mama is upset because the money was for Beneatha's schooling to become a doctor and for them to invest in the liquor store. Mama plants is the most repetitive symbol in the “Raisin In The Sun” because it's represents the family going, their dreams and mama's dreams of owning a garden. That's what Mamas plant captures, her family's journey to
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