The Ramjet Engine: Affect The World

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The ramjet engine has socially affected the world as its being used in over twenty various aircrafts to date and improving aerial safety. A ramjet engine is at times also referred to as a flying stovepipe jet and athodyd. Ramjets are a form of air breathing jet engines, which use the forward motion to pressurize the taken in air without the use of an axial compressor. Ramjets can be used in small-scale flight innovations for high-speed usage such as in weaponry especially in missiles. Ramjets have been successfully used in helicopter rotors as tip jets. The usage of ramjets in modern aircrafts such as fighter jets have changed the way the jets are built as ramjets are the lightest air breathing jets. This allows fighter jets to be built for…show more content…
This means ramjets are unreliable at low speeds and standstills. According to the consumption of burning fuel during subsonic speed is on a much higher scale compared to any other air breathing jet engine. This states that there must be high quantity of burning fuel and air to be present for maximum usage of the ramjet. Leading on from this a ramjet does not produce static thrust because of the air compression happening within the engine. To present day a major disadvantage of a ramjet is the cooling down process because it’s extremely difficult to cool down a used ramjet. This is because after high amounts of burning fuel and pressures are present this naturally heats up the jet engine. The difficulty of a ramjet is the intake of air has to be kept at subsonic speeds or else there can be possible risks of stability and functioning of the jet engine. From this the loud noises that are produced from the process make testing of ramjets nearly impossible, as it’s very difficult to keep stable. Stating from the cost of testing ramjets are more expensive than the actual build and maintenance cost as special sealed of hangers must be built for testing to take place. Although high costs are need for testing ramjets have socially affected the world because the improvement of fighter jets using ramjets has allowed for a much-needed safety towards various aerial

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