The Ransberger Pivot Debate Analysis

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A description of particle suggestions on how to use each principle. Second principle: Show respect for the other person's opinions. Never say, "You're wrong." This is called the Ransberger Pivot debate technique. Created by Ray Ransberger and Marshall Fritz, this technique can give you (as a person try to convince) a chance to let the opponent found common ground with you, this increase the chances of influencing him. You can use this technique when a person objects you in a smart way: give him space to talk while you listening and understanding his objections. Then, try to find the common point in the person objective and convince him you're thinking to solve the agreed case. Now when you apply these ways you change the way of talking from…show more content…
The tips in the book are very helpful, we can use these principles for a great deal with other people. Furthermore, we can use them in our daily basis not only with friends it can be with our family, coworkers or anyone else. The more important thing that the principles have changed a lot of people's lives. From that point, we can stop a little bit and give more example about how can these principles change people's lives. So, the laws of having a pleasing personality simply can be proved by a smile. Being agreeable is important too. We have to listen to others, ask them questions and be a member of the conversation. The complement is the sweetest thing a person can do. Also, encourage people and let them feel that they are important can show a great support for them. Appreciate others makes them appreciate you. Always do your best to see things from the other person point of view. This absolutely will help in seeing what they see. We can use these principles to achieve our goals and be able to reach success. In addition, everyone can apply these principles and everyone can do so, and apply them. An example of how can we apply these amazing principles is for example: when you make, any mistake go to the other person and say it, say sorry to the other person. A last advice, be who you respect the other person and show him your gratitude. At the end, you will absolutely gain more friends and be a good
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