The Rape Recovery Book Summary

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The road to recovery can be a tough road to travel. Especially as they travel from victim of a sexual assault to survivor of a sexual assault. This is a process, a process that anyone can do, and should be able to accomplish with The Rape Recovery HANDBOOK, Aphrodite Mastsakis, PH.D. This is a step-by-step book to help those that experienced a sexual assault to continue their lives as survivors not victims. She broke the book down into three sections; the recovery process, Factual information, and examines your reactions. And in each section they are broken down into subsections with include an exercise to relate to the subject. Throughout this book she walks with the readers page by page assuring them with things they may struggle with. But…show more content…
But for this process we must understand that it is a slow process and it will take time. In chapter one the focus is on getting ready. Asking the readers not to rush, know what PTSD is, and most importantly be ready to revisit that painful moment. Mastsakis wants readers to know that this is important and can be “ A matter of Life and Death.” (p. 15). The aftermath of the attack can cause mental and psychical damage to their bodies, which can contribute to health problem. PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder can be developing after a person experience a traumatic event in their life. According to Moller, approximately one- third of women will develop PTSD as a result of sexual assault, (2014). The first exercise asks that readers write a letter to their traumatized self. Doing this will help them to see who they were at that time and allow them to let out any frustrations with their self, but not attacking themselves. This is a good step because they are creating a dialog between the traumatized self and the survivor self. Also you are instructed to reward your self though out the book as you complete each task. Because this is like a workbook that’s ask you to look at a very dark time in your life you are asked to check in at the end of each chapter. Just give see your progress and an act of self- affirmation.
This is more then you just reading and writing down your thoughts. You also will need to make sure you stay
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During and the weeks following many victims are unable to view the event rationally. Their thoughts and feelings are in a sense “out of whack” so far Dr. Matsakis haven’t really stressed following a set order. But for this she does ask that readers complete each exercise in order. It is important for each survivor to write their story a few more times. Get research on lessen the power by writing the story. The first exercise ask that readers, they rewrite the assault breaking it down in chronological detail order. The book also has tips for memory blocks. The second exercise instructs them to record their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to each detail in exercise one. Third exercise, victims should separate their feelings. Victims will have feelings about the assault, but they may also have past emotional issues. Exercise four -six requires the readers to now examine what they wrote, to understand how to
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