The Rationale Of The Use Of Information And Communication Technology In Nursing

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Rationale of the Study Computers are so inevitable; they have changed the way we do business and learn. In fact, modern-day dwellers would be lost in track of time and schedule as these are completely executed by the computers. Truly, computers are marvelous creations, which make our lives easier particularly in the complex medical field applications. The advances of information and communications technology (ICT) led to its wide applications to clinical practices which include physicians order system and electronic medical records (Hwang and Park, 2011). Nurses do not need to be computer experts to access such systems. However, it is deemed necessary for them to be ICT competent to be more efficient in performing their roles. According to Chen (2011), when nurses are proficient in using ICT they can rapidly access healthcare information system and they may be able to provide more appropriate and efficient care to their patients.
In the United States, particularly at the University of Maryland School of Nursing, individuals learning nursing informatics become responsible for the combination of nursing science, computer science and information science. They help bring system information, nursing knowledge and data into the nursing field. A nurse working in nursing informatics is responsible for translating the needs of patients and staff into computer programs, so that the technical support can understand and enhance the productivity of nursing care (Marten, 2013).

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