The Raven And The Bells Analysis

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Edgar Allan Poe expresses his depression and alcoholism through the dark stories and horrid poems he writes, in each poem he leaves a lesson is some type of way to live by for the rest of your life. Poe wrote many of great stories and poems. Two great poems by Poe are Raven and The Bells. Raven is a dull story of a man who has lost a loved one named Lenore. He then opens a window to be surprised by a Raven that can only respond to the man’s questions “Nevermore”. The Bells is a poem about four types of bells that one can hear throughout life. Ranging from joyas silver bells to heavy clash and clang of gigantic iron bells. Poe was born on January 19, 1809 (PEA). By the time Poe was three years of age, his father had mysteriously disappeared from the scene, and Elizabeth Poe was on her deathbed in Richmond, Virginia (PEA). Edgar would soon be adopted by John and Frances. Poe got his middle name from his foster family the Allan’s (PEA). As Poe was a young man he did write things quite often. He enlisted in the army and also anonymously published his first poetry…show more content…
The Bells is a poem about four types of bells one would hear throughout life, or at least three. The Bells was written in 1848 then published after Poe’s death in 1849 (Kinsella). In this poem he imagines the sounds of four different kinds of bells, and the times and places where you might hear them (Shmoop). We move from light, bubbly happiness to sadness, fear, and misery (Shmoop). First, we hear silver bells on a sleigh, and the speaker tells us about the happy, tinkling sound they make (Shmoop). Next we hear the golden bells of a wedding, and he describes their mellow, joyful noise (Shmoop). Then things take a turn, as we hear the sound of brass alarm bells warning us about a fire (Shmoop). Finally, we hear the heavy, miserable sounds of iron bells (Shmoop). Apparently, however, the creatures that are ringing the bells (the "ghouls") are delighted by the sound and the misery they are creating
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