The Raven Boys Character Analysis

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In every quest novel ever written, a different rendition of the classic quest pattern and a wide variety of character’s responses can be found. The novels The Raven Boys by Maggie stiefvater and Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card are two superb examples of a physical quest versus an emotional quest. Although both are straightforward examples of the traditional quest pattern, each character has a vastly different emotional and psychological response along their journey. In The Raven Boys, Blue goes on an emotional journey with minimal travel ever found in the novel, and willingly assists a group of boys with their quest whilst not being pressured into doing something she does not wish to do, whilst in Ender’s Game, along with traveling completely…show more content…
Blue has many events that she gets through on her road of trials. She overcomes her disobeying acts towards her mother, she calms down about the fear of killing Gansey, as well as starts on track of figuring out what her aunt is secretly doing behind her back, but one event really shakes up Blue and her group in particular. The group finds out that their friend Noah is a ghost, and that he was murdered a long time ago. Blue and Gansey come across Noah’s bones and I.D in the forest and immediately confront the rest of the group and Noah as well. Immediately Noah disappears, not allowing them to see him while everyone processes the facts. This is shown when their friend Adam puts pieces together and tells the group “we’re being haunted.” (Stiefvater 281) This then leads into each friend processing and grieving for Noah. Through all this Blue still keeps a positive outlook and tries to help Noah and the group as much as she can. The road of trials for Ender however are long and hard. A big part of Ender’s growth through the road of trials is his defeat of the giant game. This shows how Ender approaches things differently than everyone. As mentioned previously, the alienation from his peers is tough on Ender and he overcomes that as well as makes a couple friends. The most significant test on Ender is the battle room. At first everyone…show more content…
In the novel Ender’s Game, Ender was manipulated and forced to handle the world on his shoulders unwillingly, while in the novel The Raven boys, Blue got to make her own choices and enjoyed her quest, resulting in a peaceful ending for her and her friends. Just like novels, life has its own quests whether they are physical like Ender’s or emotional like Blue’s, and for each bad quest there is a peaceful one to balance
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