The Raven In Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven

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The black bird that haunts the night, slews towards its prey, and makes no obeisance to any living creature that walks on this earth. The bird of Plutonian shore is what many believe to be the raven. With the raven being a symbol of good and of evil in many different cultures it undoubtedly has its symbol of evil in Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”. With the narrator, a man of grief for the loss of his wife Lenore, and the raven, a bird that speaks of the word nevermore. As we begin to see in “The Raven”, the bird represents all the narrator’s unanswered questions. With the loss of a family member, everyone shows grief and with comes the questioning of the life that was loss. These questions remain unanswered and will forever be unanswered, hence the term, “Nevermore” appearing throughout the poem. The narrator has lost the love of his life, the light to his shadow, the calm in his storm, his wife Lenore. With his wife gone he asks himself many questions about her as he griefs for the loss of Lenore’s life. One questions many people who lose someone in their life may be, are they with the angels, did they find the light, or did they fall from the sky into the depths of Hell? The narrator is filled with many of these questions so he goes to read, “curious volume of forgotten lore” (2). The raven has not shown its face nor has it been heard of, however, the questions float all around the vicinity of the narrator’s house. The narrator is questioning himself as he hears a rapping
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