The Ravine Short Story

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We have read two short stories, “The Ravine” and “Fine”. In both, they have very strong main characters who deal with many conflicts. The stories revolve around the idea of facing fear, which can involve some internal conflicts when you have to choose what to do. Both stories have very different settings and conflicts, yet they are very similar in some ways, which you will find.

The first story we read was titled “The Ravine”. Vinny, the main character, experienced some tough decisions to make, even before the story started. First off, he had to calm down when walking to the pond with his friends because, after all, it was described as a dangerous place. Some things said in the book were “the water tasted tangy”, “the hand and footholds were slimy with moss”, and the trail was a “deadly zigzag”. This, along with the fact a boy died there, would be enough to scare anyone out of going there. Once he and his friends were there, they started by jumping off the fifteen- foot ledge, which was not bad for Vinny, but next came the high overhang. One-by-one, his
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It starts off in a hospital room, which could play a part in the conflict, which, indeed, it does. Bailey fills us in with the parts that we had missed, such as her getting to the hospital and why. We see her get many tests, then she is moved into a room that she must stay in overnight. In here, we listen to her thoughts and opinions on the stay. Her conflict going through her was whether or not she would live, along with her idea on it. We read a very important piece that said, “Bailey is standing on the edge of something awful, balanced between two possible futures,” which shows the climax of the story. The outcome of this was that she was alright, and that she only had a migraine headache. In conclusion, staying in the hospital influences Bailey to act in odd ways and causes an internal conflict that lasts throughout the entire
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