The Razor's Edge Film Analysis

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Looking back on this movie, there were numerous instances that I really felt the religious impact of the film, and the search that the main character was on. From going back home from the war and all that happened, to living normal life again, and then going to various places looking for something. It was a pure aspect of searching for a higher calling, or looking for explanations that are not available to the every day person. How The Razor’s Edge depicted Hinduism was a little soft in my opinion, it is not an in your face kind of religion like some of them out there. It did however, really bring into light the various degrees that one must go when you are walking the path in search for a higher power. Hinduism in this film was depicted as…show more content…
I am by no means a religious person, the religious context was also underplayed for lack of a better term. There was no great light, there was nothing that could cause a 180-degree turn from a life of sin to a life of faith and righteousness. There was simply a man who had experienced tragedies distantly and had to return to his normal life as if all of that never happened. Taking the changes in ones mind and deep down into the very fiber of ones being, and not being able to make sense of things is something that most if not everyone should have experienced. Even if it is not as dramatically occurred to us all, there are still many tribulations that we all must navigate our way through. In the film using books he found many different learned men who have put their thoughts and beliefs about life into novels. From there he took a journey and wound up in the temple, through that whole journey of trying to find something, he found that going to a place where you only have yourself and the everyday chores to worry about. This allowed him to use religion and discover what was hidden, through the film it helped to challenge as well as reaffirm what was already believed about this

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