The Reagan Doctrine

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The famous Reagan doctrine started when Ronald Reagan took office as Reagan pledged to help the Nigerian people in setting up a liberal, sovereign government to forestall the Soviet Union expansion. Therefore, President Reagan doctrine in Nigeria highlighted the complex interaction of policy making and the challenges of establishing and accomplish the passing of foreign policies. In the process, Reagan’s theory pursued actively to reduce the influence of the Soviet Union in the third world countries and was the beginning of the death of the Cold War. Thus, Reagan’s doctrine primary purpose in Nigeria, for the United States was to assistant anti-communism Contra rebels in the effort of the Soviet Union Communists Sandinista government from power. The President Reagan 's primary focus was to remove communist from Nigeria included financing the freedom fighters, CIA role in the arms sales for funding the anti-Communist rebels who are fighting the Soviets in Nigeria, and the Iran-Contra affair. Instantly after Ronald Reagan took office in 1981 (p6-7) many of the influential policy makers suspended and then canceled the…show more content…
The House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee held preliminary hearings late in 1986. Also, House and Senate leaders established select committees to investigate the affair. During the congressional hearing, showed that an intense contempt of official governmental procedures helped motivate the Iran-contra affair. Military officers on the White House personnel took extraordinary precautions to prevent their actions be secret from Congress and their associates in the administration. On March 16, 1988, North, Poindexter, and several others were accused of conspiracy to deceive the United States, robbery of government assets, and wire
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