The Real Beast In Lord Of The Flies

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The real beast Do you think there are beasts in the world? Living on earth is the most mysterious place ever. No one will totally know what will happen to you during your life. From the novel “Lord of the Flies,” written by William Golding, the theme of living in a mysterious place certainly described the text. This is about some English boys that were stuck in the uninhabited island due to their plane being shot from the sky. The boys tried to govern themselves but failed due to the unknown and fear of the beasts. There are a few key moments when the boys mention the beasts appearing on the island. But is it a real beast or something else? Sam and Eric, the only twins among the English boys on an uninhabited island, who claimed they have seen the beast during the assembly. It was the dead body of the pilot and his parachute propped up against the rocks on top of the mountain, but in the dark. Their overactive imaginations led them to believe that they have seen the beast. There’s another example about the beast in “Lord of the flies.” A littlun again, who claimed that he saw a beast when he woke up during nighttime. That was Simon instead. Simon was walking around during the night as he went to the jungle and spent his time in a little cabin. Do you think there’s a contradiction or we can call a pattern find in these cases? The littluns always thought there were beasts in the jungle, but the older boys had less belief in beasts. When we were young, we believed in all
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