The Real World Examples Of Deviance Essay

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American history X is about a white teenage boy named Derek that losses his father. His father was killed by African Americans and he slowly develops hate for African Americans. Derek then joins a white supremacist group. He murders two African Americans because they were trying to steal his truck. He is put in jail for three year and his younger brother Danny follows his steps while Derek was in prison. Derek finds some of his fellow white supremacist members in prison and takes him in with their group. He then realizes that the group is not following by the norms he follows outside of prison. His group inside is doing business interactions from a different racial group which in Derek’s eyes that is a huge problem. He calls that out within the group and he is raped in prison by his own people. He then…show more content…
A perfect example of deviance would be when Derek was incarcerated he witness some of the guys from his brother hood were making drug deals with the Mexicans. By Derek’s standards and his outside group they were not allowed to interact with anybody but their own race. When Derek disrespected his brotherhood during recreation time by sitting alone, the group members saw that as deviant which is why he was then raped by them to teach him a lesson and put him back in line. A second example of deviance was when Derek was released from prison he wanted to end his life with the group and start a new life. But his group saw him as a god because he murdered two black people when he told his group members they called him a traitor and a nigger lover. By him wanting to get out of that life they automatically assumed he was a snitch and a traitor to his race not knowing the things that happen to him in prison that made his disgusted by his brother

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