School Of Realism In Romantic Art

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Register to read the introduction…The school of realism is one of schools of art. Which move the Reality and Nature to replica at artwork. Realist school is embodied in the political, economic and religious and can interfere with feeling and emotions of the artist in painting, there are a symbolic and realistic in school of realism. While the Arab civilization prosperous, the Europe was still under the guise of decline and because of the dominance of the Church the public life of Christianity and because of that the church fought the artists under the pretext of religion and they still control of the Europe Byzantine art, which depends of simplification and serve the church so, the arts delayed until the Renaissance of art launched in Florence, Italy (Venice) Naples then the artists care about shade and light and perspective and adapted on a realistic art concepts. The conditions of romance school Characterized through realistic consideration and incarnation by paint and without any dominating on it. By that the artist works on a composition of sensual work of art on its own and taking the feeling of others and that by distribution of light and shadow at the base, logic and fiction. The American Realism emerged at the end of 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries with works of art that depicted the contemporary views of daily lifetime. The artists of the Ashcan school makes rebelled against American because the Ashcan school artists portrayed the prostitutes, drunks, butchered pigs, overflowing tenements, and boxing matches. So, Their focus on poverty and daily facts of urban life prompted critics to consideration them on the fringe of Modern…show more content…
Realist school come from the realism life and Characterized by bother realism and pessimism, Stay away from the passion and imagination, Portray the lives of people such as the poor, Show defects, Commitment to neutrality and neutrality in expression and Objectivity and Captures the real life in paintings by using colors richly and there is variation in the shadow and light.

In Conclusion, we can say that realism school is an important school art. So, of its importance in Show creative artists the people should learn about this school and make own feeling by painting it in plates and in amazing ways. However, in my opinion the realism school represents real life. And most the people buy paintings related to the realism school and that because it precision and beauty designed to use in decorating homes to bestow an atmosphere of comfort and sophistication and luxury. I suggest to you to try to know about this school to get big imagination in

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