The Realist School Of Modern Art

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The realist school is the most important school of modern art. The school of modern art is romantic school, cubist school, surrealism school, expressionist school and abstract school. All this school has many founders and characteristics. Realist art in response to the school of Romance. They depict everyday life with honesty and integrity. And artiste realism school is affected by reality. This school originated in France. Realism school evolves with events new life. I will cover three points in this essay, and these points are definition and history, founder of the school of realism and famous artist and the characteristics of the realist school. The definition and history of the realist school. The school of realism is a modern art school, depicts reality and nature and each school has its history and the story of the emergence. The school of realism is one of schools of art. Which move the Reality and Nature to replica at artwork. Realist school is embodied in the political, economic and religious and can interfere with feeling and emotions of the artist in painting, there are a symbolic and realistic in school of realism. While the Arab civilization prosperous, the Europe was still under the guise of decline and because of the dominance of the Church the public life of Christianity and because of that the church fought the artists under the pretext of religion and they still control of the Europe Byzantine art, which depends of simplification and serve the church
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