The Reality Of The American Dream

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The American dream is a dream that can be dreamt into a dream which has the potential to become reality from what it was originally, just a dream. Many believe that the American Dream in which their life goals being reached is no longer a realistic state of being, since its death many years ago and is simply advertised as living by those more fortunate or well off than them. The belief that I currently hold about the American Dream is that those that are able to see themselves in a higher state of being can and will be able to rise toward their goals. Those people are actively reaching for the daydreams and fantasies they themselves have thought up to one day breath them into reality. The American Dream always has been alive, living well in the hearts and minds of everyone that believes that through hard work coupled with dedication can achieve anything they wish to. Initially, achieving goals and forming a dream into reality obviously starts with the creation of the said dream or goal, the next step is creating a positive mindset to be able to take the necessary strides to progress towards the most optimal outcome. In an article, “Scientific Evidence Points to The Importance of Positive Thinking” by Lynne Malcolm quotes the lead researcher of the study on the benefits of positivity Barbara Fredrickson. Fredrickson states that, “What seems to be unique about positive emotions is that they expand our awareness so that at the moment that we are experiencing positive
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