Oskar Schindler's Rescue

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The Reason Behind Schindler’s Rescue

Did Oskar Schindler save the Jews for his pleasure or to please others? Oskar is the type of man who would do anything to help himself or his business, but when he starts to save more and more Jews, his true self-starts to show. Director Steven Spielberg shows the viewers the different sides of Schindler. Viewers notice that in the beginning, Schindler seems eager to please himself, but as the movie progresses, his motivation is to save others for their sake.

In the beginning of the movie, Oskar wanted to please himself by having Jews work in his factory and not having to pay them. In one particular scene, Oskar was talking to his accountant, Itzhak Stern, about finding him workers and not having to
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In a certain scene a one-armed man had requested to speak with Schindler, and as he spoke his thanks to Oskar he had spoken the words “God Bless”, and as Oskar heard this he started to think about the decisions he had made and began to feel very weird inside as if he was regretful for the mistakes he had made in the past. As time went on a few Jews had become closer to Oskar’s thought to be cold heart, but it was only a certain two or three, his accountant Itzhak Stern was one of them. Sooner than Schindler and Jews had believed the deportation process had started and Stern was one of the many to be put on the train for deportation. As Oskar heard this he rushed to the train station and rescued Stern, but Oskar is upset because not that Stern was being deported but that he would have lost business. After this madness, Oskar was back to making money and Jews were back to work, but one day the Jews were out of the ghetto and the liquidation process had started to occur. As this was happening Oskar and his secretary had gone for a horseback ride and were on a cliff above the ghetto and he watched as the Jews were killed one by one or many at a time, when looking at Schindler’s face there is a horrified but a blank look that shadows his face as he watches the horrors below. He is feeling this was because he is starting to feel this way because he seeing all of these people dying, including some of his workers, which means he is losing money, but he is also showing how much he is really starting to care for the Jews(Schindler’s List). Oskar Schindler is becoming a different person as he is starting to care more about the Jews, but he still has this huge satisfaction with making money, somehow he will always have that in his mind as his life
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