The Reason I Jump Summary

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The Reason I Jump Book Review “Imagine a daily life in which your faculty of speech is taken away.” (Higashida, page vii). The first thing I read while starting the book, “The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism” by Naoki Higashida, was the quote above. Right away it made me think of the first amendment, freedom of speech. In Higashida’s case, he did not get the freedom of speech because he did not get to speak at all. What would you do if you could not express yourself by talking? Almost everyone who can open their mouths and speak takes it for granted. Throughout this amazing story of Naoki Higashida, I was taken on a journey into the mind of someone with autism, and I was able to broaden my knowledge on how an autistic mind feels, thinks, and responds on a daily basis.…show more content…
I cannot express enough how overwhelmed and surprised I was while reading this book. It opened my eyes and mind to things beyond my imagination. The more I dug into the mind of Higashida, the more I learned about autism and the people around me. Higashida does an amazing job at explaining what it is like in the mind of a person with autism, “many children with autism do not have the means to express themselves” (pg. 4). Naoki is the voice of so many people, and we are finally being able to hear
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