The Reasons And Causes Of The American Revolution

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Causes of The American Revolution

The first successful English settlement in North America was established at Jamestown in 1607. In the following years, British settlements in North America had grown into thirteen colonies. The colonies were mainly administrated via London; however, the British were occupied by their own problems, such as ongoing French and Indian wars. Therefore, they granted a large amount freedom to the colonies. The colonist who had been dealing with lot of their own affairs developed certain feeling of independence. However, that feeling was shattered after the French and Indian wars the British raised taxes in American colonies. The revenue was raised by implementation of various Acts to pay off the war debts and to finance British troops in the colonies. With the introduction of these acts, such as Sugar Act or the Stamp Act, started the unrest in the colonies in form of gatherings and organizations which eventually led to the American Revolution. With a specific end goal to contend my case, I will first discuss Sugar and Stamp Acts and the resistance created as response to the British taxation. Then I will talk about the Tea Act and Boston Tea Party, and to wrap things up I will explain Intolerable Acts and the first Continental Congress.
The first law that the British passed on the colonist to recover from their financial loss was The Sugar Act. The law set a tax on sugar and molasses. As its purpose was to regulate trade, the ones that were most
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