The Reasons For Terrorism: The Causes Of Globalization

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Globalization can be defined as the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. In simpler terms this means globalization is the trend of increasing interaction with people on worldwide scale due to advances in transportation, communication and technology. TERRORISM DEFINED Terrorism is defined as the, “systematic use of coercive intimidation, usually to service political ends”, (Wilkinson, 2001:13). However, it is said that no overall agreement of definition exists. The goal of terrorism is mainly seen as making and exploiting an environment of fear among a comprehensive target group, and not only the direct victims, and to achieve maximum publicity for a given reason, (Hough, Kruys and Plessis, 2005:5). People have argued on whether or not terrorism is committed by anarchist groups, by ‘out groups’ or by these demanding false legality and having fake to act on behalf of the supposedly oppressed masses, (Lodge, 188:2). The reason for terrorism “Terrorism has been employed to enforce social and political changes in states of social and political affairs regarded by a party in the state as being unjust; to force the policy of a militant minority upon majority regarded by the terrorists’ party as intruding aliens; to create a revolutionary situation’ in which mass revolution will become possible, (Hyams, 1975:12).” The main reason for terrorism is for the benefit of people regardless of

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