The Reasons Of Abolish Abortion

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Abolish Abortion Did you know that just in the United States over 3,000 people have abortions every day? An abortion is when a woman is injected with a fatal substance to kill their unborn baby. It is legal in all 50 states except one type of abortion procedure; Partial-birth-abortion. Women have abortions for many reasons, some being that they are not ready for that kind of commitment or they have been raped and got pregnant. An abortion should never be an option in any case because it’s considered as murder, it causes pain to the person and baby during and after the procedure, and there are other choices to choose from including adoption. Instead of having an abortion, women can choose a more beneficial option, such as giving the baby up for adoption. When women decide to get an abortion, they don’t think about adoption because of the long process, even though it can help other families who can’t have children. For example “It’s logical that anti-abortion organizations seeking to prevent abortions and promote traditional family structures would aggressively promote adoption, but this connection is often overlooked…”(Joyce). Many women that get pregnant with an unwanted child usually look into having an abortion first rather than going through the long process of pregnancy and giving the baby up for adoption. Furthermore, “In President Obama 's speech… he suggested that one solution to lowering abortion rates is making abortion more available”(Joyce). Doctors, Nurses,
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