Sexual Harassment Research Paper

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is awful and should not occur. Many women get sexually harassed and it is usually by men who are in power. There is no reason for men to be sexually harassing women, it is completely wrong and should be stopped. Men need to understand what is right and what is not. They also need to get punished no matter who they are. Women should not be facing this cruelty ever. Men should not sexually harass women ever, they also need to be punished for their actions no matter how powerful they may be, and women should be able to work wherever they please without being harassed. Sexually harassment is a huge deal that affects many women and should be stopped. Honestly, men should not be sexually harassing women at all, especially not in the workplace. Why do they do it in the first place? Do they think it’s okay, because it is obviously not okay. If someone does not want to, they should listen. One in every five women gets sexually harassed in the workplace. That is a lot of women get sexually harassed and it doesn’t seem like it’s stopping. Men who are in power or in a higher position does not give them any rights to harass women. Even though it does not give them any…show more content…
Men still do not understand that sexually harassing women is wrong a needs to be stopped. All men who have sexually harassed women need to be punished no matter who they are. They will not learn and will keep doing this until they are stopped. Women should not be treated this way. Women should also be allowed to work where they would like without being treated horribly or being scared. Men must learn what is right and stop sexual harassment, they also need to get punished for their actions and not just get away with it, something needs to happen so women can feel safe in the workplace. Sexual harassment is a huge issue that should be taken more seriously and there should be something done about
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