The Reasons Of Speaking Up In Terrible Things By Elie Wiesel

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How much courage does it take to speak up? Elie Wiesel (a holocaust survivor) says that “…remaining silent encourages even more evil to happen”. Not speaking up in difficult times does nothing but make matters worse. There are two reasons that staying silent should be discouraged; speaking instead of being silent can change the outcome of an event, and prevent the doubts victims have about their abilities in life.In reality, speaking instead of staying silent can change the outcome of an event. For example, in the book Terrible Things (an allegory of the holocaust), a character says, “If only we creatures had stuck together, it could have been different”. In the book, a terrible thing had come upon the forest, right before the creature’s eyes; others they had once lived with were being taken species by species. When it came down to the last group, there was only one creature left, but if the creatures would have spoken up for each other they possibly could have survived. What if, what if, that is a question many people ask about various things; what if in the book the creatures would have spoken up, would the outcome have changed? Another example is in the First They Came poem it says, “Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me”. This shows that if the author had spoken out for others then they would have been there to speak out for him. The outcome of something can vary all depending on someone’s actions. It was all a decision; decide to speak or
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