The Importance Of Honor In The Giver

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It is difficult to imagine being the most extraordinary and honored person in a community. This is something The Receiver inherits when they are selected to be The Receiver, honor. To be selected as The Receiver is an enormous honor that only absolutely brave people can handle. Whoever is selected obtains incredible memories that no one else knows besides The Giver. They are also considered the bravest out of everyone in a community The first reason is, everyone respects The Receiver and it is the most important and exclusive job in the community. After Jonas was selected to be The Receiver, the audience reacted this way, “he heard a gasp-the sudden intake of breath, drawn in astonishment by each of the seated citizens.” (57) It was an important part in the book because of the way the audience reacted. It is a very different and rare event that almost never happens so they admire and honor him. He also was skipped over which, in their community, was a monumental deal. The Chief Elder also says, “Which is…show more content…
The Chief elder says, “Courage,” she went on. “Only one of us here today has ever undergone the rigorous training required of a Receiver.”(59) The Chief Elder states all of the attributes of being a Receiver. Courage is one of the required traits that Jonas has, and that is why he was chosen. The Chief Elder proves this by saying, “Such a selection is very, very rare.” (57) This explains that only the strongest people earn to be chosen and there aren’t very many strong people in that community so it is very rare. The Chief Elder also says, “We failed our last selection,” the Chief Elder said solemnly.” (57) They had made a mistake in the last selection, but they fixed the system afterwards so that the current Receiver cannot be released. They were desperate for a Receiver at the time, so they made a hasty decision of a weak person and unfortunately, she

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