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Recruitment is the process in which a well-educated, skilled, experience and attribute holder is appointed for the vacancy in a time and cost effectively method. In easy words right guy at right place at right time is the basic and fundamental role of recruitment process. In this paper we will come to know about the recruitment process, the leadership and its different kind, the different styles of leadership and the management, team work and it’s benefits, methods of staff motivation, assessment of the work performance and the development needs of the staff. Task 1
A. Produce two documentations, namely a job description and person specification that assisted you in recruitment and selection of the candidate.
Recruitment is the
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Dealing with the public is the only motto of these teams. There are 3 teams in this group, they are:
i. Coordinators
They are the ones who take the traditional team-leader roles. They guide the team members to what they perceive as the goals or the objectives. They are very good listeners, calm, and quiet, good-natured and complete the task effectively. ii. Team Worker
These are the people which are in the maximum number in a team. They work together with the other team members and follow the leaders. They are Flexible, diplomatic and sensitive in nature. iii. Resource Investigator
These are the team members which handles the external environment of the team. They explore the options available, develop contacts, and negotiate for resources on the behalf of team. They are witty, innovative and curious in nature.
 Thought Oriented
These are the teams roles in which the member has to deal with the thoughts and ideas of and for the members.
i. Plant
These are the people who innovates the new ideas and strategies for the team. They thrive on praise but criticism is the thing which they can’t handle. Even they prefer to work apart for the team. ii. Monitor
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Produce a plan for assessing the development needs of staff and carry out a sample assessment for a member of staff.
Need Assessment
Need assessment is the survey of the needs required. Needs may be required in any manner whether your business or your staff. As your business advances and develops, your workers need to keep pace with new improvements. You have to analyse whether your business needs development or not, it is the first step. Once you've recognized the gap in the aptitudes your workers need and those they presently have, you'll be in a superior position to choose what kind of preparing is required and who in your association needs it. To conduct the need assessment of your staff you have to make a plan following these procedures:
 Assess your business – Has the objective of the team or the members or the way of delivering service or product in your organisation has changed. If yes than there has to be training session for the staff.
 Understand your demographic – what is the new change in the needs of team or the members. What different service or product your competitors or fellow teams are obtaining. (Tourangeau et al. 2010) Or the needs and demands of the team or the members have

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