The Red Apple Frog

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Jumping left, jumping right, all I can see are frog in my sight. Seeing a slimy tropical frog, the frogs are gross with an unexpected jump but frog are another creature created by God. Expectedly, all frogs can jump but some frog have other uses to help themselves. When a predator is near the horned frog, it jumps collecting a name called Pac-Man. For its unusual eye and baby placing the redeye tree frog, which puts its babies on leaves, is a widely known tropical frog. The glass emerald frog is transparent.
The emerald glass frog gets its name from being transparent with a slight green color. Like most tropical frogs this frog also lives in Central America. Having an average length, this frog can grow up to 8 to 12 inches. Usually living in humid temperatures, the young Emerald glass frog loves the humid temperature to help eat and sleep. By their transparent neck which is hard to see unless you have the
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living Central America, they build their home on trees and tree leaves. Mostly feasting on
Running Head: 3 incest and smaller fogs the red eye tree frog has plentiful of food to eat. With bright and cheerful colors, the have a shade of red for their toes. However, their brightness it’s not used to warn predator which most poisons frog use. When saw, the red eye tree frog has a easily spotted eye. Because it jumps at anything, the horned frogs have a nickname called Pac-man. Sleeping, the red eye tree frog uses its suction cup to hang upside-down. With it transparent skin the glass frog is who has sticky skin to help when in a stick situation has blue bones. The most important is the horned frog jumps at anything. Seriously, watch out when walking around the horned frog because the horned frog can pierce you with its horns. These tropical frogs are interesting and weird in varies
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