The Red Convertible

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5“The Red Convertible” is a short story written by Louise Erdrich about two brothers who live in the era of the Vietnam War. The two brothers are named Lyman and Henry, and they go through a shaky journey in their lives in the story. “The Red Convertible” has three elements in particular that advance our class theme of “life passages” in the story. The idea of “life passages” plays a vital role in how we live our lives, overcome our adversities, and how we achieve our goals, which leads to success. Key moments in our lives help the transition in people’s lives. The integration of symbolism of the red convertible point of view, the setting of the story taking place during the Vietnam war, and the point of view of the first story through Lyman’s…show more content…
In “The Red Convertible” the story is portrayed in first person point of view through Lyman’s perspective. With this perspective of Lyman narrating the story, he gives us deep insight into his relationship with his brother throughout the story. He gives us insight on him expressing the love and admiration he feels and the pain as well at being powerless to help him towards the end of their relationship. While reading the story, the first person point of view from Lyman seemingly makes me feel that he is reliable and trustworthy. As well as he is unashamed of his sensitive and emotional nature. He relates but also describes his emotions openly to the reader. One specific statement from Lyman that shows the audience his honest and open feelings is when he says, “When everything starts changing, drying up, clearing off, you feel like your whole life is starting.” (443) He says this when he recalls the optimism he felt when he and Henry took the car for a drive after Henry fixed it. This statement from Lyman shows that he is not afraid to express his emotions. Lyman talks about how significantly his life has changed and his mood, from driving the red convertible. Furthermore, the element of point of view in the story and Lyman’s clear perspective of his thoughts correlate with one another to advance the theme of “life passages” by showing the reader how we live our lives. Lyman’s mood is brightened from the car and notes the positive impact it had on his
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