The Red Death: A Short Story

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The “Red Death” disease was leaving family and friends in torment. The deadly disease was a curse of punishment among everyone that got it. Half of the people in the midst of us were dying of the Red Death. Thankfully my dear friend Prince Prospero invited many of his lively friends. They brought us to a castle surrounded by massive walls and gates of steel. Once everyone was in it was impossible for you to leave or enter. Thanks to the protection of Prince Prospero. We had everything required to live life locked up forever. We were safe. Safe from the outside world. When many months had passed Prince Prospero held a masked ball for his guest inside the castle. Everyone in the castle dressed up in the most luxurious costumes. Everybody dressed unbelievably fancy. The party was magnificent!…show more content…
When we strolled through the castle my friends and I noticed that Prince Prospero decorated every room in a singular color. All the rooms were in magnificent colors except for the seventh room. The room had black velvet drapes and a black carpet and the window was different from the others. The sheet of glass in the window was painted red like blood. This color scared many of my friends and left them with a terrible feeling. Only a couple of them went into the room, but many of us refused. Also in the room was a wooden clock that. The pendulum swung back and forth and every hour it would make a very strange noise. So strange that every guest stood still. Every Time the clock struck every guest in the castle including myself would be
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