Symbolism In The Monkey's Paw

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There are many red flags in The Monkey’s Paw, like the story only taking place at the White’s home. Another red flag is that there is not a lot of information about each character, for example, how they look like, what they do etc. We know the family is not well off because Mr. White wishes for money, which gives us a bit of context, yet not enough. This leads to the other red flag dialogue, most of the story is just the characters talking about what is going on. Furthermore, there is no main character and if there is one it is not obvious. Every character talks and is affected by the money’s paw; thus, we truly do not know who is the central character. Lastly, there is also no opponent for the main character. Things I would keep from the story are: Herbert and Mr. White playing chess to show their father-son relationship, the Sergeant-Major Morris showing up to the home, the son dying, and the ability to grant wishes on the monkey’s paw, however, I would cut it back to one wish.
I think the main character/hero of
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White the monkey’s paw knowing it is cursed. Why would Morris burn the money’s paw in Mr. White’s home? I think there is a clear motive behind his actions, even though it is not stated in the story. It’s possible that Morris got cursed himself and he is trying to get rid of the curse by giving the monkey’s paw to Mr. White. I can indicate from the story that Mr. White and Morris are probably friends so Morris would know Mr. White’s weaknesses and hurt him. It is possible that Sergeant-Major Morris is also going through tough times and bought the monkey’s paw to fix his problems, but instead made his life worse. I am assuming the village they live in is small; thus, is easy for them to interact with one another. I am not sure about their actual friendship, yet it is possible there has been problems between Mr. White and Morris in the
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