The Red Hat: A Short Story

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The Red Hat

I always go to the park about 10 minutes away from my house. I go with my friend, Marcus. So, like any other day, Marcus and I head to the park. The park is really fun to go to. It has a slide, monkey bars, a jungle gym, basically all of the stuff a regular park has. Except, this park has one thing that most parks don’t. The object is a lonesome, old, red swing at the edge of the park far away from all the other park activities. No one has gone on that swing since July 13th, 2014. It 's June 10th, 2016 today. No one has gone on it since then because on that day, a little girl named Lucy wanted to go swing on it. Her mother urged her not to go on it but Lucy did not listen. Lucy went over to the swing, sat down, and was immediately flung off the swing when she started swinging, it was an unknown force. You might be saying, "Well that was probably just a humongous whirl of wind or something." Except, there was absolutely no wind that day. Ever since then, no one has gone close to that swing. The creepy part is, right as Lucy got flung off the swing, a red hat suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Lucy swore there was no hat when she sat down. Now, everyday between 8:00 A.M.- 9:00 P.M. a red hat sits on that swing. No one has any conclusion as to why it would be there.
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Pretty creepy right? Well, Marcus and I really believe that it is some type of enraged ghost. One day, Marcus and I were at my house and we were talking about
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