The Red Queen Character Analysis Essay

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Main Characters physical appearance 2 quotes: In the novel "Red Queen", Mare Barrow’s hair colour is what her town calls, “river brown. Dark at the root, pale at the ends, as the color leaches from [her] hair with the stress of Stilts life" (Aveyard 23). Also, unlike most people in her town, she doesn't cut the grey in her hair as a reminder of her poverty filled life. Additionally, Mare is quite short, for instance, when she is pick-pocketing people in her town, she runs into her friend Killorn who is very tall and as they're walking, she has trouble keeping up with him and he says, "sometimes I forget you have the legs of a child" (Aveyard 12). Also, I can infer that Mare is Caucasian. I believe this because while Mare is staying at the palace, she is covered in a "thick white paste" to cover her white skin while as servants try to disguise her red blood (Aveyard 113). Personality: One of the many traits Mare Barrow has is…show more content…
This theme can be spotted many times throughout the novel such as when Mare appears powerless, Cal appears to be content and Maven appears to be nice and loving. Mare Barrow, a young girl living in the poverty-ridden Stilts of Norta, appears to be nothing more than a red-blooded girl, whose only future is to die after being conscripted to the war effort. However, this poor and dirty appearance really masks the great power that she possesses. When she is hired as a servant for the Royal Family it is soon discovered that there is so much more to her than there seems and that she is powerful enough to control electricity. However, after living like a red for so many years, no one thought that underneath her dirty and poor exterior, she could have the incredible powers of both a “red and silver” (Aveyard
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