The Red Trailer House: A Short Story

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When I was in fourth grade, Tucker and I met a kid that was four years older than us. We all started talking and later found out that he also lived by us . We then all started hanging out more and more until it was a daily occurrence. My family and I discovered his living conditions were not the best and his family didn’t have a whole lot of money. Years later it went bad and I lost a friend.
Tucker and I met in kindergarten and became friends instantly. A couple years later tucker had a little brother named colton but me and tucker didn’t start hanging out at eachothers houses until third grade so by then colton was grown up more. Tucker and Colton lived in a white trailer house that was heated by a wood stove behind the house. In the front
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It was a red trailer house at the end of the road. The driveway to the house had two cars, multiple sheds, a half pipe for skateboarding, scrap metal everywhere, and a trampoline outside the steps to the front door, in the back of the house they had a wide open space for their twelve beautiful huskies. When we arrived at the house, it had a weird smell that is indescribable but it wasn’t a bad or good smell. The house was not the best nor was it good for living conditions, but was enough to have some…show more content…
This experience was a terrible one for my family and I, because we took him in as family for years and in the end betrayed us. Now I pick my friends carefully seeing who else they hang out with and what they do with their free time. I keep my friends distant now because of what happened. I don 't want that to ever happen again, although the people I hang out with now don’t seem like they would do it but seth didn 't seem like he would either. I still see Seth around pillager at times and talk to him occasionally. Now he has a kid and family . He is 21 and has a job to support his family and himself. He has done a lot and been through a lot, but has miraculously turned his life
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