The Red Umbrella Analysis

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In the two texts, “The Red Umbrella” by Christina Diaz Gonzalez and “A ‘Band-Aid’ for 800 Children” by Eli Sastow both have similar topics. The topic they have most in common is immigration. Although they share some ways of showing this topic, they also have some differences, but they use these differences to show the topic of immigration in different ways. There are several ways that the authors use different techniques to show the common theme of immigration. One of these techniques is point of view. In “The Red Umbrella,” the story is written through Lucy’s point of view. She is experiencing immigration first hand by leaving Cuba during the Cuban Revolution to get to the U.S. without her parents. Sandigo in “A ‘Band-Aid’ for 800 Children,” is the guardian of 800 children whose parents were either detained or sent back to the country from where they came from because of illegal immigration. This shows that both the main characters have experience with immigration. Another way that the texts are similar is through tone. In “The Red Umbrella,” Lucy’s parents send her away, but breaking the news creates a depressed, hurt tone that shows how some immigration can be hurtful at times. In “A ‘Band-Aid’ for 800 Children,” Sandigo must feel bad for the children who lost their parents through illegal immigration, which creates an underlying tone of sadness. The final technique used in both texts is figurative language. In “The Red Umbrella,” there are several instances
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