The Red Umbrella Analysis

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The story “The Red Umbrella” written by Christina Diaz Gonzalez and the photograph by José Hernández-Claire both have the same subject. That subject is Separation. This subject is a big topic in both the story and the photograph because it literally revolves around separation. Even though they have something in common; and in “The Red Umbrella”, the kids are being separated from their parents and being brought to the U.S so that they can live a better life and so that they are safe. there is also something different about the story such as the techniques that make it easier to show the subject. In this paragraph I will be talking about how the story and photograph have a similar technique. A technique that is similar and used throughout the story is figurative language. This is shown in the caption of the photograph when it says, “As the only window to the future”. This is an example of a figurative language because there aren’t windows that lead to your future. Another example that it is similar is “The Red Umbrella” since it also has figurative language. This is shown when it says “Papa’s eyes glistened”. This is a figurative language because your eyes don’t glisten and it just showed that his eyes were shiny and water. My last piece of evidence will explain how both are similar. Both are similar because for the photograph, it is an idiom and for “The Red Umbrella”, it is a metaphor. Both are the same because they are both types of figurative languages. Another similar

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