The Red Umbrella Language Analysis

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The excerpt from The Red Umbrella by Christina Diaz Gonzalez, and the excerpt from “A 'Band-Aid ' for 800 Children" by Eli Sastow, both portray the subject of family separation. The authors of these texts use similar and different techniques to show us family separation brings negative feelings to everyone affected by this.
There are other things the texts have in common other than their subject. For example, both of the excerpts include figurative language. In The Red Umbrella Lucy thinks “My heart thumped loudly in my ears.” She thinks this before her Papá tells her that she and her brother are going to be sent away the America for some time, while the Cuban Revolution plays itself out, then kind of dies down. “My heart thumped loudly in my ears,” is a metaphor for how loudly Lucy’s heart is beating. In “A
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For starters, “A 'Band-Aid ' for 800 Children" uses data and statistics. “A quarter of people deported from the United States now say they are parents of U.S.-citizen minors, which means more than 100,000 American children lose a parent to deportation each year. A few thousand of those children lose both parents.” The statistics show us how many people are affected by deportation. Their point of views are also different. The Red Umbrella is in Lucy’s point of view, who is a character in the story, while in “A 'Band-Aid ' for 800 Children", it is in third person, so it is not told by someone in the excerpt. The Red Umbrella is in Lucy’s point of view, we can experience first hand the struggles her family is going through, although, “A 'Band-Aid ' for 800 Children", is narrated by someone on the outside. Arguably the biggest difference between the two is that The Red Umbrella has a plot. The Red Umbrella is a fictional story, and fictional stories need to have a plot, whereas “A 'Band-Aid ' for 800 Children" is non-fictional, so it does not need to tell a
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