The Redcoats And Rebels Summary

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The Redcoats and rebels was written by Christopher Hibbert. Mr. Hibbert wrote the book “A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, he was awarded a DPhil by Leicester University in 2000” (Francis). In addition to Mr. Hibberts work and recognition, includes “His most substantial work was a two-volume biography of George IV, praised for its thoroughgoing, sympathetic assessment of a poorly understood figure: “George IV: Prince of Wales, 1762-1811” (1972) and “George IV: Regent and King, 1812-1830” (1973). He also wrote biographies of Charles I, Samuel Johnson, Charles Dickens and Benjamin Disraeli, as well as studies of Venice and London that, like his book on Rome, carried the designation “biography” in their subtitles” (Grimes). In addition,…show more content…
In addition, Mr. Hibbert States his true intention of written the Redcoats and rebels at the back of the book which states that the story of the American revolution has usually been told in terms of a conflict between British red coats and American patriots”. Such notion would lead into a bias tale told in favor of the winners. The Author arranges the story in chronological order based on the sequence at which they all occurred. Each chapter is significant to the revolution, and every sequence of event leads up to the tension between the American colony and the British. The Author includes some description behind the reason of the tax enforcement on the American colonies. The Britain felt that it was only natural that the American colony would pay the mother country more for their protection after the Seven Years War with France. England was trying to relieve some tax burdens by increasing the tax on the colonies (xix). “that the main purpose of country’s overseas possessions were to serve the business interest of British merchants and manufacturers and to provide the mother country with raw materials” (xvii). However, such increase in demand, and pressure seemed unfair to the American colony despite the fact that they had been paying less tax compared to an English
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