Bridge To Adulthood Analysis

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When do you become and adult? Sometimes it is never developed, on the other hand it might come too soon. It’s not a static characteristic that at a certain time is bestowed upon you. Do you remember the time when you said to yourself it’s time to grow up? For me, the bridge to adulthood is being accountable for your consequences’. When you have to own up to your actions and accept the consequences of your actions. Looking back on my own life, as a child I never concerned myself with the things I did or the people around me. After reading about Annie Dillards’ story as a child and how consequences catch up to you, parts of her story reflected my own life and the things that helped me transition from childhood to adulthood. I was 14 years old,…show more content…
The officer and my mother were in the backyard, beer bottles laying by the lake in the backyard. The officer turned and asked “You have a party here last night?” at this point honesty being my only scapegoat. “Yes, sir” I replied. “Well we have a problem here, we have a missing firearm, underage drinking and distribution of alcohol to minors and suspicion of drug activity” The officer stated. The role of victim to suspect switching quickly. What was I thinking? Victim, really? I was nothing but a suspect. He turned to my mother and asked for consent to search my room and belongings. She didn’t hesitate to answer as she willing agreed. The officer began searching my room, methodically searching every drawer and cabinet. I tried to tell him I had no idea where the gun was, that the kids across the street might have it, but my pleas ran across deaf ears. I knew he wouldn’t listen to me, at that moment he pulled a backpack from my closet. He unzipped it and shuffled through it, watching intensely he removed his hand from the bag. A plastic bag clutched in his grip. Another one of my consequences’ rearing its ugly head and pushing to the surface. The officer turned to my mother revealing a small bag filled with green. The aroma of bad choices and dead ends filled the air. The officer turned, “You have the right to remain
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