The Reflection Of Annie Dillard: Learning Up To Childhood

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When do you become and adult? Sometimes it is never developed, on the other hand it might come too soon. It’s not a static characteristic that at a certain time is bestowed upon you. Do you remember the time when you said to yourself it’s time to grow up? For me, the bridge to adulthood is being accountable for your consequences’. When you have to own up to your actions and accept the consequences of your actions. Looking back on my own life, as a child I never concerned myself with the things I did or the people around me. After reading about Annie Dillards’ story as a child and how consequences catch up to you, parts of her story reflected my own life and the things that helped me transition from childhood to adulthood. I was 14 years old, my mother was never around because she was always working, neither was my father for that was how it was since I’ve been alive. The majority of my life I had taken care of myself as mom worked late nights and long weekends trying to make ends meet. I was always out on my own, doing things no teenager should. They say curiosity killed the cat, for me it was true, I began to dive in deep with the wrong crowd. I started drinking and smoking, petty theft and vandalism, total disregard for the people around me, and my actions. I never considered the effect of my actions, that every action has its consequences. With that mentality, I was on a one way road to nowhere. Then one night it all change. I was at a friends’ house, smoke filled the

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