Assessment In Career Counseling

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In career counseling, assessments form an integral part. According to Whiston and Rahardja (2005), in the last century, economically and developmentally, assessments have played the most essential role. Assessments serve as a tool to assist clients to understand and to reveal their personal aptitudes. Assessments encompass the following four steps: assessing clients’ problems, conceptualizing and defining the problems, selecting and implementing effective treatments and evaluating the counseling sessions (Whiston, 2009). As mentioned above, the main function of assessments is consolidating information with regards to the clients for several purposes, including, but not limited to, client decision making ability, treatment planning, and forensic…show more content…
Assessment enables client to identify irrational thoughts that might hinder them from making career decisions. Besides, it is designed to examine the readiness of client when making career choices. <elaborate> The other purpose of career counselling assessment is to assist clients and also career counsellors to understand more about client themselves (Amundson et al., 2013). That enables counsellor to provide an appropriate mechanism for measuring client's progress and needs. Assessments enable counsellor to assess. <elaborate> Ethical responsibility, cultural sensitivity, counsellor take responsibility to recognise that culture affects the manner in which clients' problems are defined and experienced. clients' socioeconomic and cultural experiences are considered when diagnosing mental disorders. (ACA Code, 2014) <elaborate> Refraining from diagnosis, counsellor may refrain from making and /or reporting a diagnosis if they believe that it would cause harm to the client or others. Counsellors carefully consider both the positive and negative implications of a diagnosis. (ACA Code,…show more content…
<eleborate> Seleting testing environment (Zucker, 2004) The environment selected for administering person educational assessments should parallel the classroom environment as closely as possible. standardised educational assessments should be administrated to classroom sized group of about 25 students. in larger group, the test administrators should have one assistant for every 25 students.. because students seemed to perform better when they are familiar with the test administrator, the persons administering the test should, if possible, be the students' own classroom teachers. any people who assists the test administrator should be familiar to the students. <eleborate> during assessments, (Zucker, 2004) Counselor should be familiar with test instruments, carefully consider the validity, reliability, psychometric limitations, and appropriateness of instruments when selecting assessments and, when possible , use multiple forms of assessment, data, and/or instruments in forming conclusions, diagnoses or

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