The Reflection Of Culture And Cultural Aspects Of School Culture

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I. Introduction According to McLaren (1986), schools are reflections of the society in which they are immersed. Hence, schools will be influenced by elements such as hierarchy, power relationships, structures and particular manners of sharing the space. Thus, each aspect of how a school works is influenced by the culture of the people who interact in the educational context. That particular mixture of values, behaviors, perspectives and so on, is what we call school culture. As third-year students of English Pedagogy at Universidad Alberto Hurtado, each one of us has been attending twice a week to a particular school, for three weeks to the date. It is part of our Experiencia Laboral I course, in which we are supposed to observe and analyze school culture. On this condition, there are different topics related to the specific school culture in each institution. A particular issue that we consider as relevant was the relationship between school -meaning, its teachers and staff- and students. Such relationship impacts on how students are going to act later as adults and members of the society. Moreover, it is important to recognize that said relationships will differ from one school to another. For the purpose of this report, first, we will characterize the three schools we attend. Secondly, we will describe the teacher-students relationship -our chosen topic- in each institution. More specifically, we focused our observations on how the standpoint of the teacher affects

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