Observation On Diversity

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Diversity the act of learning to positively understand, accept, and support multiculturalism and individual difference work together. -Ty Howard
The day arrived to complete an observation on diversity, identifying & utilizing the methods learned in one’s own classroom setting. To promote students to feel valued regardless of race, color, religion, greed or sexual orientation. The physical environment was on sync with the ideal environment guideline requirement but with a few minor infractions. Infrastructure was a stern stone structure, in good repair, with a weather tight roofing, on a fence enclosed property. Their business license display on the wall next to the proprietor’s Bachelor’s Degree in Education, & her Health and Cpr Certification
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Greary. The diversity within the setting one would term a “melting pot” reflecting the multicultural which included the teacher upon conversing discovering she is mixture of creole and Bahamian descendent. Her class had 10 students’ various sizes, facial features, hair textures, & complexion. 93% of the kids were Bahamians, 1% Nigerian, 1%Jamican,1% Trinidadian, with Christianity beliefs, 2% Chinese cultures & 2% of Muslim religion. I inquired from Mrs. Greary how does she teach the students diversity for how they interact with each other respectable. She stated for one, “for her the number one rule classroom rule is to respect each other. She stated that she would incorporate scenarios play of what would you do, to teach this lesson her students actively grasp the concept of how we should treat others, along with diverse stories and songs etc. Indeed, it was very true as I gleam around their classroom they had a diverse assortment of reading books, toys, and materials. As a result, of having an integrated curriculum such as Abeka, Montessori to identify a few. Their classroom well strategized including the furnishing arrangement in the classroom & centers, along displayed student’s art work on the wall. She when to say two weeks ago, they celebrated multi culture day and for the entire week they extend invite to the students’ family for them to be involved to either do show and tell or a play participation. For instance, a pupil in grade 5 who is a Caucasian from England parents did a tea party to present their culture, but to associate it with Bahamian culture to show the similarities. They also infused field trips or visited the workplace or restaurants of the cultural diversity or caused the school’s chef prepare a menu centered around the school theme that week to mention a few. I easily identify with the students of culture having to work in an tourism sector , taught at

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